Elegance, plain and simple. This designer radiator celebrates the perfection of material and surface finish, combining state-of-the-art heating technology with striking contemporary design. RUNTAL ARTEPLANO was developed in the Runtal Design Studio. The smooth surfaces efficiently give out a pleasing warmth while subtly integrating the radiator into the room. Alternatively, it can be transformed into a feature in its own right with the wide selection of materials and finishes. The only limit is your imagination. RUNTAL ARTEPLANO. A radiator becomes a work of art.

Product description

The heat panel RUNTAL ARTEPLANO is available in many variations, all offering efficient performance. Mounted on a base structure comprising a flat oval tube, profile header or sheet steel fins, the smooth front panel functions as a fast-acting heating surface. The radiator is designed to be connected to the hot water central heating system. The model HAE is available electric only with a programmable control unit. With vertical and horizontal models, flexible connections on the sides and in the centre for wall or floor installation, and a whole range of special dimensions, the radiator can be tailored to your room. Available in the full range of colours in the Runtal colour chart. Optionally available with exclusive special materials and surface finishes. The radiator is complemented by a range of accessories, designer valves and thermostats.

Technical Data


VA/ (horizontal, simple)
VLA (horizontal, with fins)
VAD (horizontal, double)
HA (vertical, simple)
HLA (vertical, with fins)
HAD (vertical, double)
HAE (electric only, vertical, simple)

See price list; HAE 1945 mm
See price list; HAE 413/513/613 mm

For central heating, various connections according to price list

See accessories price list
Powder-coated steel front panel, available in all colours in the Runtal colour chart and in the surface finishes listed Heat output See price list
See price list; HAE 750/900/1000/1250/1500 W