Elegance, plain and simple. Developed in the Runtal Design Studio, this designer radiator for bathrooms celebrates the perfection of material and surface finish, combining state-of-the-art heating technology with striking contemporary design. The warm, softly polished or powder-coated surface of the RUNTAL ARTEPLANO SATIN feels wonderful to the touch. RUNTAL ARTEPLANO SATIN. The art of combining function and form in a single piece of design.

Product description

RUNTAL ARTEPLANO SATIN was specially developed for bathrooms and kitchens. RUNTAL ARTEPLANO SATIN features handy apertures for towels or dishcloths that complement the overall clean line. Designed for vertical installation and with various dimensions depending on requirements, with two or three apertures. The powder-coated steel structure can be finished in any colour in the Runtal colour chart. Also available with aluminium and stainless steel finishes. RUNTAL ARTEPLANO SATIN is available in different models for central heating system or electric operation.

Technical Data



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For central heating, various connections according to price list

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Powder-coated steel front panel, available in all colours in the Runtal colour chart and in the surface finishes listed
533–797 W; 500–1250 W (electric only)