With its distinctive frame and shape-enhancing lines RUNTAL COSMOPOLITAN is a confident, uncompromising designer radiator. No matter whether it's Barcelona, Berlin, Milan, Paris, Warsaw or Zurich: RUNTAL COSMOPOLITAN nestles discreetly into any design landscape and gives the room its own individual character. Sophisticated colours and the arrangement of the flat tubes provide maximum freedom of design — and expression of personality. No less than four variations of the basic theme are available and in almost every requested size. And an impressive collection of accessories, intelligently linking function with design. RUNTAL COSMOPOLITAN. World-class design.

Product Description
RUNTAL COSMOPOLITAN stands out due to its wide triangular profile frame, which lends the radiator its characteristic spatial effect. Practical accessories combined with vertical or horizontal model options make this radiator particularly flexible, enabling it to be optimally matched to different space requirements. RUNTAL COSMOPOLITAN is designed not only to be connected to the central heating system but also for electric-only or mixed operation, supported by a programmable control device. It is available fitted either with conventional connections or with our completely revised and newly developed integrated valve designs.

Technical Data


COV/COVE (with vertically arranged flat tubes) COH/COHE/COHK (with horizontally arranged flat tubes)

COV/COVE 323/408/493/578/1513/ 1853/2023 mm COH/COHE/COHK 238/323/408/493/ 578/833/1258/1513/1853 mm
COV/COVE 238/323/408/493/578/ 833/1428/1598 /1853/2023 mm COH/COHE/COHK 408/493/578/1513/ 1853/2023 mm

For hot water central heating, air vent to rear, supply/return ½" at bottom centre, with 50 mm connection dimension, or outside left and right. For COHK models, supply/ return behind the radiator for connection to the rear-mounted connection box with panel and integrated valve technology comprising connection fitting with 50 mm connection dimension, integrated handwheel underneath the radiator.

See price list, accessories

Hook/towel rail small or large/rack chromeor stainless steel

Transparent/powder-coated, available in all colours in the Runtal colour chart
COV/COVE 343–1174 Watt COH/COHE/COHK 300–1012 Watt



Englishman Perry A. King and Spaniard Santiago Miranda rank among the most prominent names on the international design scene. Since founding their own studio, “King-Miranda Associati”, in Milan in 1976, they have worked for an international clientele as architects, interior designers and product designers. Their distinctive style combines functional and technological innovation with cultural and emotional connotations. King-Miranda are the authors of numerous publications, jurors in international design competitions, and active participants in research and teaching. King was awarded the distinction of Royal Designer for Industry (RDI) in 2000 by The Royal Society of Arts, London and Miranda received the Premio Nacional de Diseño Español in 1989 and Premio Andalucia de Diseño in 1995.