This lightweight, delicate design is made from tubes just 12 mm thick, making it the most slender of all designer radiators for the bathroom. The slim bars quickly and efficiently warm towels and the room. No matter whether customers choose to connect the radiator to the central heating or use electric operation, opt for their favourite colour or the refined, chrome-plated version, RUNTAL FAIN is a discreet and elegant addition to any bathroom thanks to its delicate proportions and the two vertical heating tubes rounded to fit the room. RUNTAL FAIN. Elegant and practical at the same time.

Product description

The RUNTAL FAIN gets its lightweight appearance from the narrow heating tubes of just 12 mm, which run into the equally delicate 18 mm manifolds at the sides. Since the valves face inwards, these form part of the continuous vertical outer edge. Two recesses for bath towels make the RUNTAL FAIN perfectly suited to use in the bathroom. RUNTAL FAIN can be connected to the central heating or is also suitable for electric only operation. It is available with chrome plating or a powder coating in the full range of colours in the Runtal colour chart.

Technical Data


FA/FAX (central heating)
FE/FEX (electric only)

900/1200/1500/1800 mm (see price list for other heights)
450/550 mm (see price list for other widths)

Flow, return 1⁄2" inwards on manifold, 2× air vent 1⁄4" at top on side

See Accessories price list
Chrome-plated/powder-coated, available in all colours in the Runtal colour chart
260–1133 W, 350/650/900 W (electric only)