The Hotel La Mola is set in a nature park covering 14,000 square metres, at the heart of an untouched, wild and romantic landscape. Here, everything is cutting-edge – from the renewable raw materials right through to the state-of-the-art design. High-quality wood and natural materials, warm colours and interiors bathed in light create a comfortable atmosphere.

The RUNTAL RX is used as a transparent element in front of the glass windows, providing warmth in rooms suffused with light. The RUNTAL RX is a designer radiator whose slim and flat oval tubes enable it to blend in beautifully, as well as making it the perfect choice for spaces that require a fast-acting heating system.

La Mola Barcelona, Spain 
Architect Jean Nouvel, Paris, France (Pritzker 2008) and Fermín Vázquez, Barcelona, Spain 
Contractor Baldo, S.A. 
Consulting Engineers PGI Girona, Barcelona, Spain 
HVAC Installations Imtech Imtesa 
Completion 2008