The new building of the Acute Geriatric Department at the Waid City Hospital in Zurich is bright and bathed in light with a glass lift in the centre. Great value was placed on the quality of the lighting during planning to counteract any feeling of rejection that elderly patients may have.

That is certainly also a reason why most of the RUNTAL RX radiators that have been supplied can be found here. Also integrated into patients’ rooms, the entrance area and corridors, its slim, flat oval tubes lend support to the lightness of the architecture. In addition, railings and bench solutions were designed and installed which were especially tailor-made to the building.

Waid City Hospital Zurich, Switzerland 
Architect Steigerpartner, Zurich, Switzerland 
Contractor Structural Engineering Dept., Zurich, Switzerland 
Consultant Engineers Hochstrasser Joss Glaus, Zurich, Switzerland 
HVAC Installations Schmid Amrhein, Luzern, Switzerland; ID-Lufttechnik, Schlieren, Switzerland 
Completion 2005–2007